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Physiotherapist and business co-owner Jonathan treating a patient's back on a treatment table with FXNL Rehab's "Move With Us" logo in the background


At FXNL Rehab Strathfield Physio,

we treat people, not just pain.

We want to enhance the patient experience and set the new standard of expectations for all.


At FXNL Rehab Strathfield Physio, we believe in thorough whole body assessments and individualised treatments. In an industry where there are always refinements to the way we treat, we strive to ensure we provide the best and most updated treatment techniques that are tailored to reduce your pain, better your movement and improve your function.

We are physiotherapists in Strathfield who believe the human body is engineered to move and it is often through immobility and poor life habits that we start experiencing problems. Life is continuous and moves quickly, it doesn't wait for anybody. Don't let pain stop you from getting the most out of life.

Physio & Exercise Physiologist of FXNL Rehab Raymond Trinh Profile Photo


M Phty | B App Sc (Ex Phys)
Senior Physiotherapist & Exercise Physiologist

Raymond is our physiotherapist in Strathfield who has a wide range of experience in the rehab industry as both an exercise physiologist and physiotherapist. He has always had a strong passion and interest in the musculoskeletal field and through his extensive training, he has a great understanding about lifestyle conditions and can guide you to start making the changes necessary to lead a healthier life.


Raymond has competed at rep level in various sports including Cricket, European Handball and Oztag and because of his love for all sports, he has a great understanding of all sporting injuries and what it takes to rehab. Having gone through 3 knee surgeries which involved 2 ACL reconstructions, no one better understands how frustrating and discouraging the rehab process can be. Through a holistic approach, Raymond utilises his hands-on techniques and expertise to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Special interests: Hip & knee rehab, shoulder rehab, general sports injuries

“I want to educate and help people understand how to take proactive steps in managing their symptoms, promoting recovery, and minimising injury risks. I’m here to assist you to ensure your body has the freedom to move to its maximum potential and ultimately, restore your overall lifestyle and well-being."

Jonathan Trinh Director & Physio of FXNL Rehab Profile Photo


B App Sc (Phty)

"Your personal goals become my obsession. It could be getting you back in the gym, returning you to the sporting field or being able to complete every day activities. My goals with treatment stay the same: restoring your body’s functional capacity in order to achieve true health and wellbeing."

Jonathan is our physiotherapist in Strathfield who has been working in physiotherapy clinics since 2013 after gaining an array of knowledge and experiences in multiple clinics, he gained a vision of creating an environment where his clients feel that their health is prioritised and treatments individualised.


Having a passion for health and fitness, he has a special interest in gym-related, powerlifting, and crossfit injuries. After suffering a severe ankle injury, he has experienced firsthand how debilitating an injury can be to your physical and mental health. He is driven to get you back on top of your goals no matter what it may be. 

Special interests: Gym, powerlifting, crossfit injuries, ankle injuries


M Phty | B App Sc (Ex & Sp Sc)

"I have a burning desire to enforce positive change, not only in the local community but the entire healthcare industry. I want to push the boundaries and hope to inspire and motivate people to improve their health, and ultimately quality of life."

Jason is our physiotherapist in Strathfield who has been in the rehab space for many years. His interest in physiotherapy stemmed from sporting injuries suffered during his teenage years. He was fascinated by the thought of being able to balance the two things he was most passionate about, sports and helping people.


He has a special interest in knee-related injuries after suffering an ACL rupture and undergoing a knee reconstruction in 2015. He has since returned back to high-level oztag and social basketball. He values integrity and is someone who will go out of his way to get you back to doing what you love. He is your perfect partner in rehab and applies a holistic approach to help you achieve your goals.​​

Special interests: ACL rehab + knee injuries. neck & back pain.

Jason Trinh Director & Physio of FXNL Rehab Profile Photo
Physiotherapist of FXNL Rehab Joseph Le Tran Profile Photo


B Phty
Associate Physiotherapist

"My passion is to provide effective pain relief to my clients and empower them to lead a more fulfilling life with a better understanding of their bodies. My focus is to improve your movement, strength and mobility. As no two injuries are the same and every person has unique movement patterns, I am a strong believer in delivering personalised treatments to my clients."

Joseph is our physiotherapist in Strathfield with extensive experience in volunteering at events like City2Surf and working with local Rugby Union and AFL teams, Joseph has been helping people move better since 2018. Joseph is a representative-level athlete in several sports, including OzTag and Volleyball, and enjoys playing tennis, swimming, and gymnastics.


Having personally experienced the frustration of being sidelined due to his personal injuries such as a broken elbow in 2014, he understands the emotional toll of being unable to participate in sports and the challenging recovery journey. Joseph's passion lies in going above and beyond to support his patients throughout their rehabilitation journey, helping you feel 110% every day.

Special interests: shoulder and combat-sport injuries, oztag/volleyball injuries

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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