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A laptop computer on a work desktop with a chair showing physiotherapy telehealth services


// Making Rehab Possible

Times are changing and being adaptive is more crucial than ever. But that doesn't mean that your health and wellbeing should suffer. Having access to healthcare is paramount and we are here to help.

We have now set up FXNL AIR: Virtual Therapy, online therapy sessions via video conferencing. We provide you access to care and offer guidance for your health from the comfort of your own home.

Book an appointment time that best suits you and let us handle the rest. #physiobyvideo

I've Booked My Virtual Therapy Session, What Next?

After you have booked your online appointment, you will receive an email confirmation with further details. The email also comes with a direct link to the 'waiting room' that you can access whilst waiting for our therapist.


You will have to pay for your session prior to your scheduled appointment and we encourage you to fill the 'Patient History' form that is linked in the email. This ensures that we have as much information possible to decide the best therapy outcomes for you as possible.

The video conferencing platform which we will use is COVIU which is a cloud-based platform. During the history-taking component of the session, it would be ideal if you had:

  • camera access from a webcam/laptop/camera that can be set up eye level

  • Backup access on your phone (there is an app - COVIU) should things not go smoothly and is useful during the objective testing phase of the session as it is mobile

  • Both Wi-Fi and 4G mobile data just in case.

  • Big space with room to manouvre should you need the space to self-test or demonstrate exercise


In Addition, if you have a theraband/lacrosse ball/foam roller/weights or any other equipment that may be useful for rehab purposes, we recommend having them readily accessible.

We look forward to meeting you face-to-face... over the web real soon!

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