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Learn how we do things and how you can help yourself with some rehab tips from our physios. Blogs are written by our expert therapists with a total of over 30 years of clinical experience in the physiotherapy field. Also, get some insights into our company and follow us on our journey to heal the world.

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My Experience As A Physio Student

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Having played and watched a variety of different sports whilst growing up, I’ve always had a passion for health and exercise. Combining this with my strong interest in sporting injuries and as a result of sustaining them myself, ultimately led me to want to become a physiotherapist.

My overall impression of the musculoskeletal physiotherapy course as a physio student was that it was basic, disjointed, outdated and not very applicable to the outside world.

physio looking off into the distance sitting on a treatment table

In a time where musculoskeletal physiotherapy has heavily shifted away from passive treatment modalities, we were still learning how to operate ultrasound machines, apply ice/heat packs and use electrical stimulation devices. Instead, the focus should be on active treatment strategies such as movement based rehab and exercise. Additionally more emphasis should be placed on educating and empowering individuals to overcome their barriers towards physical activity which will lead to healthier active lifestyles.

What was further lacking in the musculoskeletal course altogether was the process of exercise rehabilitation. There was not enough information provided on how to manage injuries through exercise and the required progressions of these exercises as you move through the stages of rehab. Despite briefly mentioning regressions and progressions of exercises, they were often still too simple and not specific. This is where I believe my background in exercise physiology and sport helped greatly.

The most valuable lessons as a physio student are when you undertake physio student placements. It is not until you experience it first-hand do you really know if physiotherapy is for you. I had been fortunate enough to be exposed and given an early insight with both my brother and cousin being physiotherapists. Almost all the skills and techniques you require to be a private practice musculoskeletal physiotherapist are learnt outside the classroom on these placements and from the people you work with.

As physiotherapists we all had a dream to one day work with professional sporting teams and elite athletes. I am no exception. Whilst physiotherapy clinics and working with the community may not be as thrilling, if you are truly passionate about being a physiotherapist and enjoy what you do in helping others, then it really doesn't matter.

physio massaging patient's glutes on a treatment table

If you want to know more about what we are about check out our website here and if you need an appointment to see a physiotherapist you can make a booking by calling us at 02 8018 9599 or make an appointment online here.

Raymond Trinh | @fxnlrehab

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