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Learn how we do things and how you can help yourself with some rehab tips from our physios. Blogs are written by our expert therapists with a total of over 30 years of clinical experience in the physiotherapy field. Also, get some insights into our company and follow us on our journey to heal the world.

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Opening Up A Physio Clinic: What's Your Why?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The question I get asked quite often is “what made you guys decide to open up A Physio clinic”?

Physio Jason standing in front of FXNL Rehab opening soon sign

My response has always been consistent yet simple. Because why not? Personally on my side of things, I was never a great long-term employee. I strived to do more and had bigger dreams and aspirations. It was always difficult for me to work for someone if our vision and goals were not aligned. I felt stuck.

Starting a new job is always exciting but after some time, I fell into the trap of comfort and complacency. I struggled to find motivation as I felt the daily grind had become repetitive and monotonous. I needed a new challenge for personal and career growth. I thought about seeking new experiences as I started to consider the future and what might lay ahead for me. I knew it was time for a change.

But what was the next step? As I delved further in search of meaning, I began to realise and appreciate my own value. I had reached a senior level in my profession and even considered levelling further up to more management/executive roles within the company I was at. I was even blessed with the opportunity to possibly become a franchisee. However, I thought the best thing for me was to risk doing things differently, which meant to start fresh.

“I thought if there was ever a time to do it, it would be while I was still young. When I could afford to take risks and fail, having no immediate family of my own to support yet, and still having time on my side.”

I knew I still had that love and passion for what I do because I could see how as therapists, we could positively impact the lives of others around us. So I partnered up with Jonno, someone who shared the same vision, and stared the process in opening up a physio clinic. We created a premature vision for what the clinic now is and the creativity just manifested itself from there. We started with meetings and brainstormed ideas that represented our vision.. hopes for what it looked like. The mission, the core values, the brand, the fit-out, the team, and ultimately, we wanted to deliver a product that enhanced the customer experience. We envisioned making it modern yet relatable to the younger generation. We were driven to create a healthcare space that people would enjoy going to - not a place someone HAD to go to when they were in pain or injured.

“Our hope is to shape and change the currently outdated scope of physiotherapy and its practice within the healthcare industry. We continue to strive every single day to take steps further to achieving this goal.”

Fast forward three years, and there has been so much accomplishment, yet so much more to do. It has been a big learning curve. Learning how to run a company whilst wearing all the hats of the business. Was it hard? Yes, but who doesn't love a good challenge? Sacrifices were made along the way, as is the case with entrepreneurship - time away from loved ones, family, friends and events, to prioritise the business. Understanding what it took to be leaders and managing people proved to be one of the more challenging aspects whilst balancing time between being a therapist and running the business.

However, one of the more rewarding aspects was forming strong bonds and relationships with our patients and surrounding businesses to help serve the local community. We feel we are in a great position to do more. We have bigger plans, greater expectations and the aspiration to grow the business to its fullest potential to further our cause. COVID-19 has slowed us down, but we are truly blessed to have the support and backing from you - our FXNL Family.

We know we wouldn't have done this without you, and we hope more of you continue to join us on our journey to heal the world. #MoveWithUs #YourSupportMeansEverything

Jason Trinh |

Co-Founder @fxnlrehab

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